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Children will learn Language & Literacy, Math, Art & Craft, Speech & Drama, Physical Movement, Music & Movement, Natural Science, Imaginative Play and more.


Small group of teacher-to-child ratio classroom will provide ample opportunity for child-led investigations learning and project based approach which leads to an emphasis on exploring and creating – Child Directed Learning.

Children are Communicators

Communication is a process, children are encouraged to discover things, asking questions, using language as play. Playing with sounds and rhythm and rhyme, delighting in the process of communicating.

The Environment is the Third Teacher

The environment is recognised for its potential to inspire children to learn. The space at Curious Child encourages collaboration, communication and exploration. The space is cared for by the children and the adults.

The One Hundred Languages of Children

Children use many many different ways to show their understanding and express their individual thoughts and creativity.

A hundred different ways of thinking, of discovering, of learning. Through drawings and through dance and movement, through painting and pretend play, through modelling and music and that each one of these Hundred Languages must be valued and nurtured.

Learning and play are not separated. The Reggio Emilia’s approach emphasises hands-on discovery learning that allows the child to use all their senses and all their languages to learn.

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